Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Post-travel Recovery Hair

Hiya!  Y'all still there?  Forgive me for taking a little bit of an unplanned hiatus (to be explained later) so bare with me as I try to get back into the swing of things!

Anywho, hubs and I just got back from an almost 2 week long vacation to sunny Barcelona, Spain and I seriously did NOTHING to my hair while we were gone.  I wore my hair in twists for a few days, wore it out for a few days, and then threw it up into bun for the last week.  No water, no detangling, no additional product, nothing.  My hair was ... (insert negative word here).

So, last night I finally got fed up.  The process to get my hair from before to after was long and tedious but I have to say I'm having THE. BEST. HAIR. DAY. EVER!

Keep reading for the deets ...

The process from start to finish:

1.  Pre-poo: this wasn't a pre-poo in the traditional sense of the word because I didn't let the product "sit."  I just wanted something to help aide in detangling my hair before I hopped in the shower because I knew I would not be able to withstand the shower heat long enough to thoroughly detangle my hair without passing out (I can typically last about 20 min).  After separating my hair into 4 sections, I liberally applied avocado oil and Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Masque to each section.  I then took smaller sections and finger detangled until most of the knots were out.  Lemme tell you, detangling your hair after 2 weeks with no manipulation is #1 not fun and #2 scary!! Why? I was getting clumps (and I mean large clumps) of shed hair and likely pulling out more hair from all the detangling I had to do.  I seriously thought there would be no hair left on my head.

2.  Shampoo: When my scalp is super itchy and dry I like to use Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo.  It's formulated to help treat dry, itchy scalp due to eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff.  I only use it maybe once every month or so because it leaves my hair feeling pretty stripped of moisture but my scalp really loves this stuff.

3.  Condition: I used a new product this time, Kiss My Face Miss Treated Conditioner.  It's formulated for dry, damaged, and color treated hair.  First impression ... this stuff is AhhMAZING!!  Have you ever used a conditioner and your hair felt great when the product was on but as soon as you rinsed it out it seemed like all the stuff you loved got rinsed down the drain? Yea well, this conditioner didn't do that!  It has great slip and my hair felt as smooth as butter. Another pro is that it contains cocamidopropyl betaine ... a surfactant that helps to the cleanse the hair and removes most non-water soluble silicones.  So this conditioner would be great as a co-wash too!  The only con: it's not very thick so I can see myself using the entire bottle after only a few washes.  But ... maybe it's worth it!

4.  Deep Condition: My deep conditioners have been kind of eh lately.  Not sure why but my hair just hasn't been responding the same.  I'm not good at DIY conditioners so I decided to mix two store bought conditioners together: Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Purification Masque and Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner.  I let the products sit under a plastic cap (with no heat) for about 45 minutes which worked pretty well.

5. Style:  Next up, Paul Mitchell The Conditioner Leave In applied into my same 4 large sections.  To twist, I used Eden BodyWorks Curl Defining Creme and Mop Top Curly Custard (also a new purchase) while my hair was still wet.  side note: to make sure the two styling products work well together, take a pea sized amount of each and mix them together by rubbing them in your hands.  If you get a nice creamy consistency that starts to vanish (like lotion) then you've got a winning combo.  If the two mixed products begin harden or turn into flakes or little white balls in your hands then that's a no go.  I used about a dime sized amount of curling creme and a pea sized amount of curly custard to each section.  Let dry overnight in a pineapple (which allows my twists not be all smushed in the morning) and took down the next day.  Can you say BEST TWIST OUT EVER?!?! My hair is soft, bouncy, shiny, and defined!  We'll see over the next few days though if the curling custard can live up to my beloved Eco Styler gel in the longevity department but for now, so far, so good.

Hope this helps guys! Until next time ...


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