Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Party of Three

This year Cam's birthday party was a bit on the low key side.  It was difficult finding the time to plan a big shindig like years past so I whipped up a few decorations, baked a cake, and made a few of her favorite foods.  Cost was less than $100 and the time spent putting it all together was next to nothing.

No 3 person party is complete without a theme and Cam is a huge fan of Doc McStuffins, so this one was a no-brainer.  Besides, there are no less then 28,492 Doc McStuffins items available on the ground nowadays so that made it pretty easy to pick out coordinating party items. 

I wanted some cute table decorations but our kitchen table is relatively small so I used the plastic squirters from this bath toy set as a setting off point.  Bonus: these double as a gift so she can play with them after the party is over!  

 I've been kind of obsessed with "naked cakes" recently and I think I did pretty good for my first attempt.  There was no time for a cake baked from scratch so Pillsbury came through in the clutch!  Pillsbury ... #youtherealMVP :) 

 The hanging lanterns are from the Martha Stewart Crafts collection at Michael's.  2 weeks later they are still hanging over the table and I have no plans to take them down anytime soon. 

This custom made chalkboard poster I purchased from Pint Size Party Designs on Etsy and was by far my most favorite purchase.  The poster is sent as a PDF, so I had it printed at Walgreen's and then I attached it to a blank canvas using Mod Podge.  It made a great focal point for the table. 

And for liquid refreshment, pink lemonade served in a glass pitcher and paper straws that matched! 

 I'd say she was pretty happy with the outcome! 



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