Thursday, December 4, 2014

Flat Iron || Natural Hair

Since going natural almost 3 years ago, I have my hair professionally trimmed and flat ironed once per year, usually in December.  This year, since #boxerbaby is due in December, I decided to do my annual flat iron a month early ... and on top of that, I decided to do it myself! *gasp*  Shocking, I know.  This would be my very first time flat ironing my OWN hair in almost 3 years.  Yes, I was out of practice.  And yes, I was scared of damaging the curls that I have so lovingly cared for.  But one of my reasons for going natural was to be able to due a range of styles, straight and curly.  So I took the plunge (and got an unexpected hair cut along the way).  Watch below to find out how it turned out! 
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