Saturday, April 11, 2015

Maintain and Protect your Color-Treated Natural Hair

You’ve colored your hair … now what? 

Adding color to your natural hair can be a fun and exciting way to enhance the dimension of your curls, kinks, and waves.  But a change in color may also result in a change in your hair care regimen.  So whether you go red, blonde, purple, or jet black, here are a few things you’ll need to consider after dying your hair.  

  •   Deep condition regularly.  And by regularly I mean every week or every two weeks.  Coloring your hair, especially if it requires bleaching, can easily zap the moisture out of your strands, so a good moisturizing deep condish is a must.

  •   Consider protein treatments.  In order for the dye molecules to “fit” inside your cuticle, some protein is lost in the process.  And when the protein is lost, so is the structure behind your curl pattern.  If you’ve noticed that you’re curl pattern has changed after coloring, consider doing a protein treatment to restore those protein bonds and bring your curls back to life.  (Aphogee makes some good protein treatments, but make sure you do your research first before adding any protein to your hair.)  

  •   Trim.  I went from having to trim my hair twice a year with my natural color to trimming every 3 months after I colored my hair.  Don’t hold onto those damaged ends as this may make your hair dull and lifeless. 

  •   Avoid sulfates.  Sulfates not only strip the moisture from our hair, but they also strip the color.  So to prevent early fading, avoid sulfates and use products specialized for color-treated hair.  

  • Avoid heat.  Permanent hair color and the use of frequent heat is like a double homicide for your curl pattern.  Safe yourself the trouble and stick to heatless styles like bantu knot outs and perm rod sets if you are feening for some elongation in your hair.  



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