Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Hair Routine

After a sweltering summer, autumn is finally upon us.  Falling leaves, cool air, and pumpkin-spiced everything becomes a way of life for the next few months.  Unfortunately in San Antonio, the high is still in the 90's on a daily basis and it feels more like an east coast summer than the actual autumnal changes I've grown to know (I'm a Virginia native).  It's typical for a naturalista to change their hair routine around this time to protect their strands from cooler, drier temps.  This usually consists of more protective styles, heavier oils, and thicker styling creams.  Since I don't have a real opportunity to enjoy this temperamental change, the majority of my routine stays the same except for a few switch- ups.  Here's the deal ... 

1.  Hot oil treatments - in my quest for healthier hair and non-itchy 
scalp, I've been incorporating hot oil treatments every other wash
week.  Recently I've been using Anu Essentials honeysuckle hair oil which contains a mixture sweet almond oil and castor oil.  
I love this heavy oil because it is super moisturizing but not sticky
like traditional Jamaican black castor oil. 

2.  Bi-weekly Scalp massage - this pretty much ties into the hot oil treatment but gives me a mid-week boost to keep my scalp moisturized.  Even though it's still hot, the humidity and dew points have fallen.  The continuous exposure to this drier air sucks the moisture out of my scalp and by winter, I'm suffering from full blown scratch-your-head-so-bad-your-scalp-becomes-sore syndrome.  For these mid week treatments I'll do either the same honeysuckle oil or peppermint JBCO.  This also helps me fulfill part of Hey Curlie's #heycurlie90daybootcamp on Insta. 

3.  Deep Condition - My deep condish sessions won't change much, I'll still continue to do so every week.  Obia Natural Hair Care Babassu Deep Conditioner and True by Made Beautiful Intense Treatment Masque are my current favs.  

4.  Heavier leave-in - I had lightened things up this summer when it came to leave-ins, so now I'm getting a little heavier.  Current favs are Koils by Nature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner and Tr√©Luxe Untie the Knot.  

What's your fall hair care regimen?  Do you switch things or is your regimen the same all year 'round?  Lemme know in the comments! 


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