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Recap || #bkdfwnhe

First natural hair expo ✔️
First time PRESENTING at a natural hair expo ✔️

So many boxes checked this past weekend at the Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo and I am still reeling from the experience.  When Julian (Ms. Bella Kinks herself) asked me a few months back to be a part of the expo I was in total disbelief.  Obviously, she saw something in me that I had not seen in myself, but now that's all changed :)  I don't think it really hit me until I was on my way home that I realized how powerful the weekend was!  And since my time in Grapevine was full of action, I wanted to give you all the play-by-play!


The rain as a result from Hurricane Patricia was trying to dampen the weekends activities but like Julian said at the opening event, "The rain is just a shower of God's blessings."  And indeed it was.  After an almost 8 hr drive in the rain, the weekend kicked off with the black excellence dinner at the NYLO Las Colinas. Everyone was dressed to the nines in their black tie attire donning the flyest masks.  The masquerade themed event was hosted by blogger Shine Struck and artist/songwriter Chris Classic.  We dined on chicken and snapper and enjoyed the signature martini for the evening, the kinky martini. Julian also did an informal recognition ceremony honoring a few of the people that have made an impact on her life.  Afterwards the DJ turned up the jams and we got to partake in a little ring light photo booth action.

Blogger VeePeeJay and I
Outfit details

Being that my VERY FIRST workshop was the next morning, hubs and I didn't hang out for too long because I wanted to make sure I was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the expo the following day.


Fast forward to Saturday morning and I arrive at the Grapevine Convention Center, anxious but excited.  Everyone is running around getting things set up and after a few minutes of roaming around aimlessly I find out that my model didn't show.  Luckily one of the volunteers for the expo graciously volunteered to be my model but her hair was in a 7 day old wash and go.  Now don't get me wrong, her wash and go was on point but the products in her hair didn't mesh well with the products I was using (my workshop was sponsored by Curls).  So now off to find some shampoo, a sink, and a towel.  At this point I was freaking out.  Would I get her hair done on time and most importantly would it be dry?!?  Well, by the grace of God, we did it!  It also helped that the workshop was pushed back a bit because of rain delays.  Around 2:30 we got started with the Perm Rod workshop and I'm happy to say I hit it out of the park.  My model's hair came out great and the audience was dialed in.  I even had a science teacher come up to me after and say that she thought I did a great job teaching the class.  That was the ultimate compliment to me! 

With my model Erica and professional hair stylist, Markeita Pruitt, owner of Touch of Heaven Salon
In the zone
My blogger boos doing what they do best! 
With my model Erica right after taking out the rods
Separating the curls


After a little rest and a little dinner, the ultimate bloggers lounge kicked off downstairs at the NYLO Las Colinas Hotel.  It's so nice to be able to connect the women you "know" on social media.

photo credit: islandboiphotography
photo credit: islandboiphotography
photo credit: islandboiphotography
Swag bags on Fleek!  The Lounge was title sponsored by CURLS, additional participating sponsors were Hip Fits and Mop Top Hair.  Also contributing to the swag bag, Creme of Nature (not pictured here), Ugly Betty Boy Crush, and Carols Daughter. 
photo credit: islandboiphotography
I swear I must be a 70 year old in a 33 year old body, cuz my elderly behind could not hang! Plus, in order to avoid another missing model fiasco like earlier in the day, I went ahead and styled my model's hair that night.

This thick mane belongs to none other than Pace Poetry


The next day is workshop number 2 - The Art of the Three Strand Twist - and my nerves are practically out of the window.  I was running off of about 4 hours of sleep but my adrenaline was pumping.  The rain had finally let up and I was feeling confident that day.  I so badly wanted this next workshop to be a success and sometimes in order to learn how to do something, you actually have to do it.  I knew most of the expo attendees would already be there with their hair perfectly coiffed for the event so I had to figure out the best way to teach this somewhat complicated technique besides just having someone "watch" me do it for 45 minutes.  I eventually came up with the idea of having the participants learn how to three strand twist using yarn, where basically the three strands of yarn would mimic how to twist on your own natural hair.   I don't think anyone walked out of there not knowing the basic principles behind three strand twisting.

A class participant practicing with her yarn
The finished result
In teaching mode
With my model Donielle. Photo cred: @takeya_monique

After a few photo ops and the POWER panel it was time to hit the road

Blurry photo, but I had to make sure I took a picture with the co-founder of TréLuxe, Cortney.
Thought my outfit deserved its own photo that day :) 

Blogger boo's, Curls Unbothered and Naturalista86
The official BKDFWNHE swag bag! 
Carol's Daughter founder, Lisa Price

From left to right: Teneya Gholston - Director of Marketing for Creme of Nature, Obia Ewah - CEO and formulating chemist of OBIA Natural Hair Care, Jane Carter - CEO of Jane Carter Solution, and Courtney Adeleye - CEO of The Mane Choice
Vivian Kaye - CEO/Founder of Kinky Curly Yaki and Pamela Booker - CEO/Founder of Koils By Nature giving face to the camera, lol
Myleik Teele - CEO/Founder of curlBOX
A Stylist from OBIA Natural Hair Care working her magic
All in all, the weekend was a success!  The time and money spent getting these workshops together was totally worth it, and I certainly hope that this will be start of many more to come!

Did you go attend the Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo?  What was your favorite part of the weekend?



  1. Aww, congrats on your "firsts" girl. You did an amazing job. I'm so excited I got the meet you finally <3


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