Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Post-Travel Recovery Hair

My hair was in dire straits after our vacay to Hawaii.  

For some reason I thought styling my hair in a wash and go (almost) daily was a good idea.  NOT!!  Never again ... next time I'll be protective styling.  Needless to say, my curls needed some major TLC when I returned.  

It was dry, limp, and my red color faded badly.  Interestingly, I kind of liked the resultant brassy-bronze hair color, so I decided to work with it and just liven it up a little bit to make it less ashy.  To do that, I used a demi permanent color from One 'n Only in Light Tangerine Brown (5RG) mixed with Medium Red Brown (4R) using a 10 volume developer.  Afterwards, I cleansed my hair using the Koils by Nature Replenishing Cleanser.  It was my first time using this cleanser, but it left my hair feeling clean and moisturized.  It also left a little tingle in my scalp, thanks to the tea tree and eucalyptus oils.  To strengthen my hair and protect it from breakage, I applied the Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor and let that sit for about 5 minutes.  After rinsing, I always follow up my protein treatments with a moisturizing deep condish, so I pulled out my fav - Obia Natural Hair Care Babassu Deep Conditioner.  For styling, I applied the Obia Natural Curl Moisture Cream leave-in, followed by the Wonder Curl Get Slick Hair Smoothie and Wonder Curl Curl Control Styling Lotion for my wash and go.  I opted out of using an oil to seal since the leave-in is loaded with oils.  
My hair came out soft, moisturized, and super defined.  And I'm LOV-ING the new hair color.  Kind of brassy with still a hint of red and warmth.  I also think I've found my go wash and go combo!!  What do y'all think?  
To watch the video on how I did, click above! 



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