Sunday, August 21, 2016

Oily.  Acne-prone.  Sensitive.  Embarrassing.  

All of these words I would use to describe my skin over the past 20+ years.  It's definitely been a roller coaster ride, but God and good skincare can change things!  :)  

One of the major keys in my skin care routine recently has been the use of a facial cleansing brush.  I remember it like it was yesterday (although it was more like 2.8 years ago).  Dillard's was having their annual New Years Day sale and I was determined to purchase my very first Clarisonic.  I'm pretty sure the "sale" Dillard's was advertising was pretty minimal but the frugal part of my brain had long left my body.  Needless to say, I left that day with "clara" in my bag and she was with me through thick and thin. Then, one day, she mysteriously disappeared during our move from Texas to Florida.  At this point,  my budget-conscious mind had been running rampant in my life and I just could NOT bring myself to shell out $$$ for another.  Fast forward a few months and enter in Vanity Planet.  I'd been working with Vanity Planet on a different project (see here) when I was approached about trying out their Spin for Perfect Skin facial brush.  I'm pretty sure my initial reaction (in my head, of course) went something along the lines of "Hells Yeah!"  But to tell you guys the truth I was pretty skeptical.  At the time, nothing could replace my beloved Clara.  But I'm here to tell you I was wrong. Click below to watch the full video on why I love "Vana" so much!  Plus click here to get yours for 70%! 


*Disclosure: This blog post is not sponsored however the facial brush was provided to me at no charge.  The thoughts and opinions in this post are of my own accord.  I will, however, receive a small commission from the affiliate link posted above. * 


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